Take a deep breath: Asthma doesn’t have to interfere with personal relationships

Thinking about dating, relationships, and sex might be nerve-racking for everyone, but it can be especially challenging for those suffering from asthma. You see your date across the restaurant, feel your chest start to tighten, your breath is shortened and you consider walking out the door before you start wheezing. Reaching for your inhaler can …

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Smoking, the Aftermath

Smoking is highly addictive, nicotine, after all, is absorbed by the bloodstream within 10 seconds of entering the body. Even though the United States has seen a decrease in cigarette smoking during the past decade, an estimate of 36.5 million adults are considered current smokers. Smoking can be attributed to at least 16 million Americans …

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Clinical Trials: What They Are and How They Work

Clinical trials are research studies that use volunteers to test how well a new medical approach works. They are designed to find more efficient ways to prevent, treat, and diagnose medical conditions and diseases. Researchers follow strict guidelines when performing clinical trials which are set to protect participants as well as to provide accurate and …

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Lifestyle Tips to Reduce Symptoms Associated With Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is no joke. It’s hard not to laugh when envisioning a narcoleptic cartoon character such as Homer Simpson nodding off at inopportune times. But when narcolepsy affects real people, it is often inconvenient, disruptive, and even dangerous. For those that suffer from narcolepsy, there are many risks associated with the condition. Becoming excessively sleepy …

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