COVID-19 Self-Scheduler

To qualify for this study, participants must: 

  • Be 1+ years old  
  • Live in the same household as someone who just tested positive or presents at least one symptom of COVID-19 
  • Be in good general health  
  • Have stable kidney function  


To qualify for this study, participants must NOT: 

  • Be pregnant or breastfeeding and be willing to use an acceptable form of birth control 
  • Have suspected  COVID-19 (fever, other symptoms or confirmed infection by a COVID-19 test) 
  • Have had a respiratory infection in the past 2 weeks  
  • Have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 6 months  
  • Have a disease that requires to be treated with steroids  
  • Have a history of cirrhosis  
  • Have received any investigational COVID-19 biological products, drugs, or vaccines in the past 6 months  
  • Have been exposed to an investigational drug in the past month  
  • Other criteria apply. You must call (352) 435-7240 to verify eligibility 


PLEASE NOTE: Please confirm your eligibility before your appointment by calling (352) 435-7240

If you do not see an available appointment, please call (352) 435-7240 for availability. 


Transportation may be available. Call (352) 435-7240 Compensation up to $1425 is available for time and travel.  


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