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March into kidney disease awareness

March into Kidney Disease Awareness

Over 26 million Americans have a form of chronic kidney disease. Managing chronic kidney disease can slow the progression and avoid long-term health issues later on. National Kidney Month is underway, and this year’s focus is on how every person can prioritize their kidneys’ health. Those unaware of their risk join the millions of others

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Root Virtual Assistant

Meet Root – Your New Text Virtual Assistant!

Introducing your new text virtual assistant for our clinical studies. Meet Root! Root can answer your questions, schedule appointments, and tell your study team when you need help! We look forward to supporting you on your study journey.

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5 Myths About the COVID-19 Vaccine Debunked by a Doctor

After you’re fully vaccinated, can you stop wearing your mask? Can the vaccine have an impact on a woman’s fertility? Central Florida pulmonologist Dr. Faisal Fakih joins Ybeth and Greg in this week’s special edition of our Beyond the Soundbite podcast to separate fact from fiction.  IN THIS EPISODE Dr. Faisal Fakih’ Twitter: @OrlandoLungDoc ABOUT

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