March into kidney disease awareness

March into Kidney Disease Awareness

Over 26 million Americans have a form of chronic kidney disease. Managing chronic kidney disease can slow the progression and avoid long-term health issues later on. National Kidney Month is underway, and this year’s focus is on how every person can prioritize their kidneys’ health. Those unaware of their risk join the millions of others …

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5 Myths About the COVID-19 Vaccine Debunked by a Doctor

After you’re fully vaccinated, can you stop wearing your mask? Can the vaccine have an impact on a woman’s fertility? Central Florida pulmonologist Dr. Faisal Fakih joins Ybeth and Greg in this week’s special edition of our Beyond the Soundbite podcast to separate fact from fiction.  IN THIS EPISODE Dr. Faisal Fakih’ Twitter: @OrlandoLungDoc ABOUT …

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5 mitos sobre la vacuna COVID-19 desmentidos por un médico

Después de estar completamente vacunado, ¿Se puede dejar de usar la mascarilla? ¿Puede la vacuna tener un impacto en la fertilidad de la mujer? ¿Pueden vacunarse los inmigrantes indocumentados y qué ocurrirá con ellos en los centros de vacunación? El Dr. Faisal Fakih es un neumólogo de Winter Park, Florida, con casi 50 años de …

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Breathing Techniques

Having a lung condition such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or asthma can make you breathless. All. The. Time! Every time you take a breath your chest tightens, and you may feel shallow like you are drowning. Running out of breath is exhausting and can be caused by several factors that may vary from …

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Secondhand Smoke: More harmful than you think

You know how harmful tobacco smoke is to your own personal health, but what you may not know is the damage you are doing to those around you. Tobacco smoke not only increases your risk of lung, throat and mouth cancer, COPD, heart problems and other major conditions, but secondhand smoke can also be extremely …

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Asthma: The Seasons of Suffering

What triggers your asthma? Many people will say, “It’s the weather!”. As spring approaches and pollen is at an all-time high, allergies often account for a good majority of asthma flare-ups. You may notice that your allergy symptoms are more apparent in the morning hours during the spring season. This is because pollen levels are …

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Smoking: Preventing Bad Habits Early

Many people have tried a form of tobacco at some point in their life. Whether from the pressure to be “cool,” or seeing a parent smoking and wanting to know what it was like, there are a number of reasons for wanting to experiment with tobacco smoking. There are currently close to 46 million smokers …

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