Why You Should Participate in Research in 2021

Scientists, health officials, and researchers mobilized forces in a global effort to fight COVID-19 in 2020. Diagnostic tests, treatments, and vaccines soon became a reality where very little existed before. Despite the unknowns, lockdowns, and misinformation, many chose to give back by volunteering in research studies. 2020 gave us a lot of reasons why you should participate in research studies in 2021. Here are a few more to consider.  

What you Get Back When You Give

Research studies are only a part of how healthcare for conditions like COVID-19 is improved. Study volunteers who participate in research studies help determine potential new therapies’ safety and effectiveness as they interact with the human body. Their efforts make advancing medicine possible, but what they get back is so much more. Every commitment progresses medicine regardless of how many visits or study length.

Be part of something bigger than yourself. Join a research study today, COVID-19

Studies need volunteers of all ages, gender, and ethnic groups. Participants both in general good health and those with the condition at the focus of the study play vital roles in the research phases. The study medical team often possess in-depth knowledge of the condition the study aims to help. Participants can gain those insights to learn more about their condition so they can better manage it.

In many cases, study visits are more frequent and thorough than typical doctors visits. Most studies also offer reimbursement for time and travel for qualified candidates. Lastly, you could have an opportunity to gain access to new therapies before they are made public. They could potentially work better or may have fewer side effects than other available options.

For Those Who Can, Join the Fight

Our volunteers provide hope for the future learn more about our research studies, COVID-19

We are still fighting to end COVID-19 despite tremendous progress thus far. If you can, stand with us and join the hundreds of thousands of volunteers already in the fight. Fight for those you love. Fight for those who can’t. To learn how to get involved in any of our COVID-19 research studies here at Clinical Site Partners, visit our webpage to learn more, or call (888) 688-8CSP {8277}.