Researching a Pandemic: COVID-19

Scientists, researchers, and health experts work around the clock to bring new therapies to prevent and treat COVID-19. New treatments determined to be safe and effective through initial testing in the lab will then move on to clinical research studies. Clinical research studies continue evaluating the safety and efficacy of the new therapies when introduced to the human body (volunteers). Their results decide whether a new treatment makes it to the public, making pandemic researching efforts the most influential force in ending COVID-19.

We're still battling COVID-19, clinical research

COVID-19 Research Focus Areas

Coronavirus symptoms range from mild to severe and appear between 2-14 days after exposure. Many of the symptoms are similar to the flu, though COVID-19 can cause a loss in the sense of smell and taste, has a higher mortality rate, and is more contagious. Treatments and vaccines generally fall into these categories:

  • Treatments:
    • Antivirals: Prevents the virus from multiplying.
    • Cell and gene therapies: Where living cells are altered for therapeutic use.
    • Immunomodulators: Prevents the body from attacking itself after infection.
    • Neutralizing antibodies: Use manufactured products from various sources and those derived from the virus but have been inactivated. These help our bodies fight the virus.
  • Vaccines:
    • mRNA vaccines: Have material from the virus.
    • Protein subunit vaccines: Uses harmless pieces of proteins from the virus.
    • Vector Vaccines: Weakened versions of the virus are used.

The Progress Made Thus Far

With the help of unprecedented funding and fast track approval from the FDA, we have already begun to see the fruits of progress. Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) are in effect for limited use by the FDA for several COVID treatments.  Veklury (remdesivir) has the only full approval to date in the U.S. Thus far, Pfizer’s vaccine is limited for use only in adult and pediatric patients 12 years of age and older for severe cases.

Those Who Can, Take a Stand

Clinical Site Partners has been doing our part in the fight to end COVID through previous and ongoing research studies we conduct. Our extensive experience in vaccine and interventional trials span across multiple therapeutic areas. Currently, we are looking for COVID-19 positive individuals to join studies looking into potential new treatment options.

Be a part of the solution, covid-19 clinical research

If you or a friend have a diagnosis of COVID-19, research studies may be an option. Qualified participants enjoy study-related care by our team of medical experts, potential access to new therapies, and reimbursement for time and travel. Time is of the essence, so it is imperative that you contact us immediately after diagnosis at (407) 740-8078 or view details and apply through our website.