What are the Benefits of Participating in Research?

Clinical research studies ensure that potential treatment, prevention, and detection methods are safe and effective in the human body. Volunteers participating in these studies help make these advancements possible. There are four phases of clinical research, and each stage requires either healthy individuals or those diagnosed with the condition the study specifies. While participating in clinical research studies gives one the eternal stamp of advancing medicine for future generations, there are many more benefits associated with participating.

Group of individuals volunteering

Potential Access to New Therapies

Since research studies investigate the newest options available, there is a possibility these may be better than existing therapies, have fewer side effects, etc. By volunteering, you may have the opportunity to access these new options before they are publicly available. Though no guarantee of treatment can be made for any participant, every person’s data goes towards improving medicine.

Learn More about Your Condition

A diverse base of volunteers is needed to cover all perspectives of studies; women, men, young, old, every race, and background. Most studies need volunteers with the specific medical condition the study is for. Not only are you helping to improve the management of your condition, but you can also learn more about it through the expert care received during participation. When you know more about your condition, you take control of your health.

Reimbursement for Time and Travel

Did you know that 86% of research studies fail to enroll enough participants in the timeline needed? The thing is, while there are many benefits to being a part of a research study, there is still a lot of stigma and misinformation preventing people from taking part. Many studies may offer reimbursements for time and travel for those who qualify.

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