Watch Out for These Winter Asthma Triggers!

Spring and Summer allergens are a thing of the past. As winter approaches, you have your weekends filled with road trips, family visits, baking, and enjoying Holiday festivities. Finally, it’s that time of the year when asthma triggers such as pollen are not a worry anymore!

The festive atmosphere and family quality time can make you more relaxed, but you still must be vigilant for triggers that lurk around the winter time. Watch out for these possible triggers:

  1. Christmas Trees
    It might be a family tradition to buy a tree, trim, and decorate it. During this holiday season, if you choose a live tree over an artificial one, beware of the strong scent, mold, and pollen it might bring into your house. According to Everyday Health, you can reduce the triggers by using a leaf blower to reduce the pollen before you bring the tree inside the house and wipe the trunk with a diluted bleach solution.
  2. Changes in Temperature
    Winter may expose you to some dramatic changes in temperature. Moving from a warm indoor environment to a chillier temperature outside can be hard on the lungs. If it is cold outside, bundle up with scarves and jackets. Cover your nose and mouth to reduce the effects of cold air.
  3. Indoor Allergens
    Re-decorating the house probably means you will have to dig boxes from the attic. Be mindful of the dust, mold, and dust mites that could’ve accumulated since the last holiday season.
  4. Holiday Stress
    The family gatherings and shopping can put quite a bit of stress on your shoulders. When stressed, your body releases chemicals that can cause the muscles around your airways to constrict, which will make it difficult to breathe. Read more about stress, a hidden asthma trigger.
  5. Strong Holiday Scents
    Shops and your friend’s house will be filled with scented candles, oils, and scented decorations to capture the holiday smell. Additional synthetic smells like perfume could irritate your airways.

If you or someone you love suffers from asthma, be mindful of all the possible triggers that can be found in your surroundings this Holiday Season and consider a research study as a possible treatment option. Florida Pulmonary is proud to be testing potential treatment options for asthma management. Those that qualify will gain a better understanding of their condition, receive study-related medical care and medication, and may be compensated for time and travel.