Take a deep breath: Asthma doesn’t have to interfere with personal relationships


Thinking about dating, relationships, and sex might be nerve-racking for everyone, but it can be especially challenging for those suffering from asthma.

You see your date across the restaurant, feel your chest start to tighten, your breath is shortened and you consider walking out the door before you start wheezing. Reaching for your inhaler can be embarrassing and talking about it with your date might not seem like your idea of fun.

We totally get it.

In a recent survey, three-quarters of the participants reported being embarrassed by the use of an inhaler on a date, and nearly half of them have felt shame for wheezing. But asthma doesn’t have to become a constant interference in your love life.

Following some or all of the tips below and you can overcome your concerns about dating (or relationships) with asthma.

Manage your asthma

Having and following an action plan to manage your symptoms and detecting triggers will keep you alert at all times ensuring your date to be a pleasant one.  Keep in mind that taking your medication as prescribed is a very important part of setting that action plan into motion.

Don’t be embarrassed

Asthma is very common and your date has probably seen someone use an inhaler before. If you feel embarrassed about using your inhaler during your date, go to the restroom or to the patio to use it. However, if you notice your symptoms flaring, don’t let embarrassment cut your date short. Take your medication!

Be open

Asthma research reported that only 30% of the people surveyed told a new partner their asthma condition straight away.

Asthma is a part of your life, and sharing your condition early on will help you feel less self-conscious about it. Be open about asthma. Tell your date about possible triggers and ways they can help you in case your symptoms start to flare. You won’t have to cancel or postpone dates, they will understand.

The exact causes of asthma are not yet known, but clinical trials are being conducted to offer new and more advanced treatment options that aren’t yet available to the public.

If asthma is interfering with your love life, click the button below to learn more about our current enrolling research studies. Don’t let asthma take your breath away!