I accept it, I am addicted to cigarettes. I am constantly thinking about my next cigarette and the feeling I get every time I take a puff. Sometimes I even dream about it.

Sure, I’ve been smoking for the past couple of years. What once was one cigarette every other party, turned into a couple cigarette packs a day!

What makes cigarettes so addicting?

Nicotine, when used in tobacco products, is absorbed by your bloodstream and travels to the brain within 10 seconds of entering the body. Your brain then releases adrenaline causing that energy kick and pleasure.

Once that buzz fades, your body ends up feeling tired and wanting more energy and pleasure. That’s when you find yourself reaching into that half empty cigarette packet and lighting your next smoke.

According to, your body is able to build a high tolerance to nicotine. Which is why you find yourself increasing your cigarette count every day!

I’ve tried quitting… many times. For my health, for my family, for the environment, you name it. But I keep experiencing withdrawal symptoms like irritability, anxiety, and headaches. At work, every time I get stressed out, my solution is to take a smoke break but when I tried to quit, the stress seemed unbearable.

Unfortunately, now I suffer from COPD and my fight with COPD is a new challenge every day that I am stuck with. Treatments help, sometimes, but ultimately I pray that my symptoms will improve if I do my part. I am looking for new options to help with my COPD symptoms.

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