Got Asthma? Top Cities for Living Better

If you’re one of the 25 million people suffering with asthma, where you live can make a substantial difference in how you feel. Your zip code may impact whether you have an asthma attack once a year or once a month. Knowing your triggers is the first step in helping you to choose the best place to call home.

Asthma triggers can vary from industrial air pollution to flower, tree and grass pollen, and mold. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America uses common triggers along with other factors to research the best and worst places to live for those suffering from asthma. Some things they take into consideration include:

  • Public smoking laws
  • Asthma occurrence rates
  • Poverty rates
  • Healthcare, including asthma medication usage
  • Environmental conditions

The report ranks the largest 100 metro areas based on how the given factors would influence a person’s asthma.

So, what cities were ranked as best for asthma sufferers (as of 2015)?

  1. San Francisco, California- Topping the list, the Golden City has good air quality, low pollen counts and one of the strictest public smoking bans in the country. The city even has an Asthma Task Force to help improve quality of life for those living with asthma and to prevent it all together.
  2. Boise, Idaho- Boise got high marks for low pollen counts and less instance of asthma medication use.
  3. Seattle, Washington- Seattle’s air quality scored better than most, in addition to low pollen numbers.
  4. San Jose, California- San Jose’s Spare the Air program has a lot to do with its high ranking. The project is an effort to support the city’s green vision and implement projects which improve air quality at a local level.
  5. Abilene, Texas- In spite of average air quality and substandard pollen score, the above-average rates of asthma incidence and prevalence give Abilene its’ spot on the list.

If you’re wondering what the worst place to live, according to the AAFA’s research, Memphis, Tennessee takes the cake. High asthma death rates, pollen counts, and poor public smoking laws earned it the title of the “asthma capital of 2015.”

If you or someone your love is struggling to manage asthma symptoms, a local research study may be an option. Clinical Site Partners and its study doctors are seeking participants for studies to improve treatments for those with asthma.  Qualified participants are seen at no cost by board-certified physicians and may receive access to new treatment options. Compensation is also available for those that participate.