Asthma Attack: What’s Happening Inside?

Asthma is a disease that affects the airways of your lungs. When you have asthma, the lining of your airways become inflamed and more sensitive to things you are exposed to everyday. These “triggers” as we like to call them can be anything from dust, pet dander, weather changes, even stress. When we are exposed to our triggers, we can experience an asthma attack. What does it mean when someone says that they have had an asthma attack? What happens to the lungs during an attack?

An asthma attack happens when you experience drastic changes in your asthma symptoms that require either extra medication or some other type of intervention so that you can breathe normally again. When we look at what’s happening inside your body, the cells in your airways are producing more mucus, which in turn may clog the airways of your lungs. The airways of your lungs will also begin to swell and grow increasingly inflamed,making them even smaller. All of these changes in the airways make it difficult to breathe.

Although asthma attacks may sound scary, it is important to know how to manage symptoms. Rescue inhalers and controller inhalers can usually help sufferers cope with asthma. In some cases, oral steroids may be necessary or even longer acting inhalers.

If you or someone you love is currently struggling to manage symptoms associated with asthma, a research study may be the answer. Clinical Site Partners will be enrolling participants into a paid clinical study that may allow those who qualify to receive new medications before they are available on the market. Doctors and other medical professionals also provide close monitoring and education throughout the study. Compensation is provided for time and travel expenses.