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Researching a Pandemic- COVID-19, clinical research

Researching a Pandemic: COVID-19

Scientists, researchers, and health experts work around the clock to bring new therapies to prevent and treat COVID-19. New treatments determined to be safe and effective through initial testing in the lab will then move on to clinical research studies. Clinical research studies continue evaluating the safety and efficacy of the new therapies when introduced

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Dr. Faisal A. Fakih explains the transmission of COVID-19

Dr. Faisal A. Fakih explains the transmission of COVID-19

Our lead PI and Medical Director – Dr. Faisal A. Fakih, who is conducting several COVID trials in our Winter Park, FL location, explains the transmission of COVID-19, in terms we can all understand. Thank you Dr. Fakih! To learn more about our enrolling COVID-19 trials in Winter Park, please visit our website:

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